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2020年9月 2日 (水)

Rationalization of procedure elements of computerized solder paste printing equipment

Solder paste printing, given that the to start with principal method of SMT chip processing, includes a immediate impression within the processing top quality. Amongst them, 60% on the flaws occur from the printing top quality, and its significance is self-evident. Thus, it can be incredibly essential for operators to grasp the procedure components of automatic solder paste printing equipment. Today, Shenzhen Zhichi technologies will demonstrate the procedure aspects of automated solder paste printing machine.

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1?¡é Graphic alignment of printed circuit board

The optical positioning position (mark stage) from the foundation plate along with the steel mesh around the workbench is aligned through the printing equipment camera, and then the X, y, |¨¨ good adjustment with the foundation plate and the steel mesh is completed, to make sure that the base plate pad pattern as well as metal mesh opening sample are totally coincident.

2?¡é Explanation of angle between scraper and circuit board in printing

The more compact the angle in between the scraper and the steel mesh, the increased the downward tension. It is actually effortless to inject the solder paste in to the mesh, but it really is likewise straightforward to squeeze the solder paste for the base of the steel mesh, causing paste adhesion, and that is generally 45 ~ sixty degrees.

3?¡é The level of solder paste enter (rolling diameter of solder paste) inside the procedure of automated solder paste printing device

one. The rolling diameter of solder paste ?¨® h ?? ten ~ 15mm is ideal.

2. Should the rolling diameter ?¨® h is too modest, it's effortless to result in solder paste leakage and fewer tin articles.

3. When the rolling diameter ?¨® h is just too massive, excessive solder paste cannot variety rolling movement, as well as the solder paste can't be scraped clean up, causing weak printing demoulding and thick solder paste immediately after printing; and excessive solder paste subjected to the air for a very long time is harmful for the high quality of solder paste.

four. In manufacturing, the operator visually checks the quantity of solder paste on the mesh plate every single 50 percent an hour or so, moves the solder paste beyond the stroke of your scraper on the mesh plate by using a shovel blade each and every half one hour, and distributes the solder paste evenly, but can't shovel it in the opening with the steel mesh.

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4?¡é The pressure of scraper once the computerized solder paste printing equipment works

Scraper stress is additionally a crucial factor influencing the printing excellent. The force from the scraper actually refers back to the depth of the decline of your scraper. Should the strain is too smaller, the scraper will not adhere to your steel mesh area, so it's similar to rising the printing thickness. Furthermore, if the tension is too small, a layer of solder paste will stay about the floor on the metal mesh, which happens to be simple to lead to printing problems these as bonding (bridging) as well as other printing defects.

GKg automated solder paste printing device

5?¡é Printing speed of automatic solder paste printing machine

1. Because the velocity of scraper is inversely proportional for the viscosity of solder paste, the speed is slower when there exists a slim spacing. If the pace is too quick, time for that scraper to pass through the metal mesh opening is relatively small, plus the solder paste cannot totally penetrate into your opening, that is effortless to induce printing flaws these kinds of as insufficient solder paste forming or missing printing.

2. There is a specified connection involving the printing speed plus the pressure with the scraper. Lowering the printing velocity is equivalent to expanding the force.

three. The ideal scraper velocity and stress should be to simply scrape the solder paste from the surface area on the wire mesh.

6?¡é Printing gap of automatic solder paste printing machine

The printing gap could be the distance in between the steel mesh and PCB, that's related for the retention of solder paste on PCB after printing.

7?¡é Separation pace of steel mesh and PCB in automatic solder paste printing equipment

Immediately after solder paste printing, the instantaneous pace of metal mesh leaving PCB is definitely the separation pace, that is a parameter associated to printing high quality, which is an important in dense spacing and substantial density printing. The highly developed printing machine has 1 (or even more) micro dwell processes when the metal mesh leaves the solder paste pattern, i.e. multi-stage demoulding, in order to guarantee the top printing forming.

If the separation speed is simply too large, the adhesive power of solder paste decreases, along with the cohesion in between solder paste and pad is smaller, which makes some solder paste persist with the bottom of metal mesh and the wall of opening, leading to printing defects these types of as absence of printing and tin collapse.

When the separation velocity is sluggish down, the solder paste has large viscosity and cohesion, which makes the paste simply break free with the steel mesh opening wall, along with the printing condition is sweet.

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8?¡é Cleansing mode and frequency of automatic solder paste printing machine

Cleansing the bottom on the steel mesh is likewise an element to make sure the printing high-quality. The cleansing manner and frequency must be determined based on the solder paste, mesh materials, thickness and hole size. (established dry cleansing, moist cleaning, one-time reciprocating, wiping speed, and so on.)

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« How can i master accounting awareness conveniently | トップページ | 患上糖尿病,這3個方法,或能讓血糖控制得“穩穩”的 »




« How can i master accounting awareness conveniently | トップページ | 患上糖尿病,這3個方法,或能讓血糖控制得“穩穩”的 »