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2020年6月18日 (木)

Installation ways of domestic immediate consuming water equipment

The direct ingesting device is one of our many drinking water purification devices, which happens to be extensively employed in the loved ones. Nevertheless, soon after deciding on the correct direct ingesting equipment, just the suitable set up can be certain the traditional usage of the direct ingesting device. The following is the installation actions with the domestic direct ingesting device introduced to you by Xiaobian, hoping that will help you.

Set up ways of domestic immediate consuming drinking water device

1) Pipeline link: use one / 2-inch metallic hose to connect the leading h2o inlet and reserved drinking water inlet of the devices respectively, and use an additional 1 / 2-inch steel hose to attach the key drinking water outlet from the devices along with the kitchen area cleaning faucet. The 1 / 4 Plastic super cleanse drinking water pipeline reserved for your devices is related while using the gooseneck faucet put in set up (Be aware: usually do not allow the machines enter drinking water at this stage);

two) Put in RO filter component: loosen the pipeline relationship about the RO module housing, rotate the upper protect of the filter housing and take away it, open up the RO membrane packaging and just take out the RO membrane, put the membrane to the module housing during the appropriate route, then tighten the membrane housing while using the upper deal with on the immediate consuming machine by hand, put the complete ro module housing into the first situation and reset the pipeline link. When connecting the pipeline, insert the pipeline to the base from the swift interface to be certain that Trusted connection.

three) Technique location: based on the management valve operation appendix;

4) Filter materials soaking:

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five) Filter material cleansing:

6) Pure h2o technique cleaning: immediately after the pre cleaning approach of your primary products is accomplished, open the valve about the leading of your water storage tank. Once the drinking water storage tank is full of water (about 3-5 minutes), near the main water inlet valve on the machines, open up the gooseneck faucet, empty the water during the water storage tank, and thoroughly clean the water storage tank. Then open up the principle drinking water inlet valve on the tools, repeat the above functions, and thoroughly clean the drinking water storage tank extensively and repeatedly, with cleansing moments Not fewer than three times;

seven) Usual usage of direct consuming water machine: following the drinking water storage tank is cleaned, the devices may be used generally.

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