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2018年10月29日 (月)

Speed up industry standard development

Speed up industry standard development, block chain can become a trusted machine.
It has been reported that the data Center Alliance and the China Institute of Information and Communications will hold the "confidence Block chain 2017 Summit" on 19 September to build a confidence block chain alliance to accelerate the development of international and industry standards on the block chain. So what is a trusted chain of blocks? Let's take a closer look.
Speed up industry standard development, block chain can become a trusted machine.
In recent years, the development of block chain technology and its industrial applications has aroused a worldwide upsurge, which has attracted the attention of governments, finance, investment, technology and other departments. China's chain industry has entered a relatively fast development stage two years ago. Compared with the past, the scale of investment and financing in the field of chain operations has expanded significantly. Many enterprises have invested in the block chain industry, carried out the test and application research and development of the block chain technology, and accumulated a lot of technical experience. It has promoted the rapid development of China's massive chain industry.
Block chain open value Internet Era
Speed up industry standard development, block chain can become a trusted machine.
From a technical point of view, block chain is essentially a distributed database based on cryptography. From an application perspective, a block chain is a trusted and shared public account. The book will be revised in accordance with strict rules and public agreements. Everyone can check it, but no user can tamper with it. Block chain may not be a new technical model, but a new scheme combination which recombines existing network, formula algorithm and other elements, but this combination has incalculable value.
Block chains were originally used in finance, initially known as the basic technology of Bitcoin, but the far-reaching impact of block chains far exceeds the impact of Bitcoin. "Block chain" has the ability to transmit trust and value, reconstruct value system and order rules, and has natural advantages in promoting society to solve trust crisis, rationally restrict power, and promote wider and more equitable social participation. "."
In June 2017, the world economy BBS published a white paper "realize the potential of car chain, points out that the chain block is more radical and revolutionary era of the Internet. The reason is that the block can use peer-to-peer networks around the world, to ensure the integrity of the exchange of billions of dollars worth of equipment do not need trusted third party, promote the creation of social values and transactions, to promote the Internet information is transformed into a new era of value network.
According to the survey and forecast of the World Economic Forum, the block chain has broad application prospect and potential. By 2025, 10% of the relevant information in global GDp will be saved through block linking technology. The blockchain is the cornerstone of the value Internet. Blockchain applications are spreading from the financial sector to all sectors of society and are gradually becoming an integral part of the Internet.
How do we believe that the chaining chain is safe and reliable?
Speed up industry standard development, block chain can become a trusted machine.
He Baohong, deputy director of the Institute of Technical Standards of the Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Sciences, believes that "at present, many applications of block chains are not'burst point'applications, but'replaceable' applications." The block chain can be concluded that the development of block chain is still at an earlier stage.
In fact, the current development of blockchain technology is not very perfect, there are potential technical risks, once these risks may cause huge losses. In June 2016, a hacker took advantage of a flaw in the Ethernet DAO contract to hijack $60 million worth of bitcoin. Two months later, (Bitfinex), the world's leading Bitcoin exchange, stole 120000 bitcoins because of multiple signature flaws, causing nearly $70 million in losses as of April. Only after all users' debts have been paid. There are more such "accidents", and even the bitcoin used in the most complex chain of blocks today, the biggest crisis for exchanges comes from technological risks.
The potential risks of the application of block chain technology are also exposed, and the risk management and control of the application of block chain technology are paid more and more attention.
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How can we avoid the error of high density algorithm based on cryptography in the controllable range? How to improve the computing power to ensure the stability of the system in order to deal with the risk of the agreement being attacked? These are unavoidable problems in the development of block chaining.
Tools such as KOL and WOM are also featured in the online public relations strategy for a improved publicity.
In addition, the chain performance is low, it is difficult to meet the demand of high performance application scene.In the currency, for example, the existing currency trading at a speed of 7 per second, when it comes to a large number of transactions, it may even need to confirm 5 to 6 hours.It is far away from the current billing and payment request per second,Towngas professional Kitchen planner is committed to turning your dream kitchen into reality. Mia Cucina's Total Kitchen Solution ensures a high level of convenience with stylish cabinets and premium appliances for users.
millions or even tens of millions of level, limiting block application scenario for the chain to a large extent.
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